ACO Virtual is our world-first interactive installation that lets audiences immerse themselves in the ACO’s 360-degree virtual orchestra experience. Visitors can step inside the performance, take control or even play with the musicians. 

Built using state-of-the-art technology, footage of thirteen musicians is projected onto the walls of a room or space, with the sound of each musician coming from the direction of their projection. The audience feels like standing on stage in the middle of the Orchestra – an extraordinary experience.

The size of the projections can be tailored to suit your venue.


ACO Virtual runs for approximately 30 minutes on a loop, so that you can enter the installation at any time.


JS BACH Brandenburg Concerto No.3 in G: 1st movement
SMALLEY Strung Out (excerpt)
GRIEG (arranged Tognetti) String Quartet in G minor: 1st movement

Suggested activities

Once inside ACO Virtual, audiences can take control of the sound and vision via an interactive touch pad placed in the middle of the installation. The touch pad allows users to spotlight the vision and sound of the individual musicians, providing
a unique insight into how music is constructed. The installation also features a scrolling musical score and is supported by an augmented reality mobile phone application which provides information about the music, musicians and their instruments.

Audience members who play an instrument, sing or dance may perform with the ACO in the installation. The installation will be accompanied by education resources, developed by expert music educators, for students in years K-8 and 9-12. The resources will include lesson plans for teachers that will prepare students for the installation, accompany their visit and provide further inspiration after their experience of ACO VIRTUAL.

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