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The ACO Explore Tokyo

Posted on 20 Jul 2018 by ACO

Photographer Nic Walker joined the Orchestra on their recent tour to Japan to some capture behind-the-scenes moment of the musicians exploring Tokyo:

Aiko and Helena in the Lion Cafe
Aiko in the Lion Cafe
Helena in the Lion Cafe
Aiko playing violin amongst the records
Aiko at the entrance to the Lion Cafe

Violinist Aiko took Principal Violinist Helena Rathbone to Tokyo’s Lion Café. Nestled in Shibuya, the unassuming café is a mecca for music lovers looking to indulge in a solitary moment together. The café is packed with CD’s, tapes and records, with tables are arranged like a train carriage facing forward, encouraging customers to engage with a towering custom-built speaker-system.

Melissa and Maja on a bridge in Shinjuku Gyo-en
Melissa and Maja in Shinjuku Gyo-en
Maja and Melissa in Shinjuku Gyo-en
Melissa taking a photo for a local while Maja looks on

Cellist Melissa Barnard and violinist Maja Savnik stopped off in the inner-garden near the Meiji Shrine to get lost among nature. An escape from the nearby hustle of Shinjuku, the park’s immaculate themed gardens are a popular destination for locals and tourists to stroll through and unwind.

Glenn, Liisa, Tipi and Ilya running to cross a road in Tokyo
Glenn trying on glasses in Harajuku
The group taking a break in Harajuku
Glenn eating in a Harajuku street scene

Violinists Glenn Christensen, Liisa Pallandi, Ilya Isakovich and cellist Timo-Veikko 'Tipi' Valve dove head first into Harajuku, exploring the stores, back alleys and tastes of Cat Street that have made the district famous internationally.

Richard and Satu in front of a taxi
Richard and Satu in front of a building
Satu in a private garden
Richard and Satu in a private garden

Principal Violin Satu Vänskä and Artistic Director Richard Tognetti showing that, even in the most unassuming locations, Tokyo always provides the perfect backdrop for a photo.

Ike and Max looking out over a busy street in Shinjuku
A closeup of Max
A closeup of Ike
Ike and Max laughing with some locals at a small restaurant

As night fell, violinist Ike See and Principal Bass Maxime Bibeau explored the neon paradise of Shinjuku, before ducking down a quiet alley to share dinner and some laughs with the locals.


Our short tour of Japan was made possible by the Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeThe Australia-Japan Foundation and the Australia Now program.