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ACO2 Tour Blog: Harmoniums in Horsham

Posted on 22 Apr 2013 by ACO Marketing

Blog Entry 2 – After six rather sleepy hours of transit we arrive at our concert venue for the evening. The Wesley Performing Arts Centre in Horsham is a very warm and beautiful hall and it has an audience of equal calibre. It also has a really cool harmonium back stage.

The concert starts well with Vivaldi’s Concerto for Organ and Violin, with some moving playing from Zoe Black and James Crabb. A problem arises, however, when the violinists are assuming new positions for the next piece, Kats-Chernin’s Blue Silence.

Aiko Goto is one of the full-time ACO members on this tour, and as well as being a stunning violinist she is also one of the biggest-hearted people I have ever met. She is quite short in stature so uses a large wooden box to stand on during performances. As Aiko’s box is being moved across the stage, it lands very heavily on her foot. Quite amazingly she doesn’t cry out and she plays through the rest of the concert. Most of the orchestra is unaware that anything has even happened. It is only afterwards when she limps off stage with her foot bleeding that we realise what has happened and how much pain she must have been in through the first half. Thankfully her foot (although badly bruised) is ok!

The highlight of the concert is Piazzolla’s “Libertango”, which we play at a cracking pace. James Crabb is playing his accordion with such energy that he actually loses a few of the buttons! The bass player on this tour, Joe Bisits, has been perhaps a little over-zealous with his pizzicatos over the last few days and, as a result, has a few large blisters on his fingers. During the “Libertango” in this concert he plays with such total commitment and passion that both blisters pop, resulting in some considerable blood loss!

Stay posted for some more blogs by the never-verbose and always articulate Adam Szabo.