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ACO2 Tour Blog: Tangos and Triumphs

Posted on 22 Apr 2013 by ACO Marketing

Blog entry 1: ACO2 on tour in regional Victoria – by Adam Szabo

It is our third day on the road, and our first concert.

The performance at Mildura Arts Centre is a success, despite having to contend with a rival performance in the form of a Mildura High School production of The Taming of the Shrew. Fortunately, Mildura is not one of the smallest towns on our tour, and there are enough people out and about on Friday night to attend both the events. The audience are thrilled by James Crabb’s fireworks in our set of tangos by Piazzolla. To their credit, they also respond well to the somewhat more challenging Chamber Music 5, by Aulis Sallinen. While the acoustics are at times challenging (as is often the case on a regional tour), we also manage to carve out some sense of atmosphere during the zippy, Bach-inspired String Symphony No.12  by a very young Felix Mendelssohn.

Next stop is Horsham – check back soon for more content from our esteemed Emerging Artist and dashing violist Ben Caddy!