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ACO2 Tour Blog: The Capitol

Posted on 26 Apr 2013 by ACO Marketing

Day 5 – The Capitol
Our concert in Bendigo takes place at the Capitol, a building that looks great from the front and rather like a construction site from the back. It is only after secondary examination that we realise that the building we are looking at is in fact a construction site, next to which the entrance to the Capitol is rather sneakily located. After climbing three sets of stairs and admiring our dressing rooms (which are kitted out with some very dramatic LED strip lighting and individual mirrors), we make it to the stage. The prognosis? Best performance space yet!
The room is large, with tiered seating, and the acoustic is live, but not too live; on stage we can hear ourselves play, but can also make out what our colleagues are doing. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The acoustic quality of a hall won’t necessarily make or break a concert, but if the musicians are comfortable it will be evident in performance.
After destroying an impressive picnic/tapas/light supper laid out by our lovely orchestral manager Sarah (5 BBQ chickens, a bucket of Haribo gummi bears and some Lindt dark chocolate all make an appearance), it is time for us to play. The audience is very receptive, and the Vivaldi Concerto featuring Zoe Black and James Crabb benefits hugely from the improved acoustic. Both solo instruments project well, the brilliant and clear duo sound sailing over the top of the ensemble. At the reception, we find out that a couple from Horsham enjoyed the concert so much that they followed us to Bendigo to hear the concert for a second time. This, and the excellent lemon tarts provided by the Capitol, top off a great evening.
Adam Szabo