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After the Choral

Posted on 17 Aug 2012 by ACO Marketing


After The Choral is a poem written by audience member GlenMarguerite Ricketts who attended Beethoven 9, Ode to Joy on Thursday 9th August at the Sydney Opera House. Click more to read the poem.





His attuned long hands are sweeping over the violin

and conducting too like a butterfly in slow motion.

Then a butterfly sped up.

Either way, he’s with his group and they’re with him.

This is such exact harmony, such movement together

that the audience is drawn into the spell on stage.

Everyone, in this hall so aptly named Angel Place,

is bound magically and mesmerised, together.

This is what real music and musicians are about:

the heart of composer, translated by the heart of musician,

into the heart of listener.

After the Choral tonight, we stood as one, clapping our hearts out.

Bravo! Bravo, our tender yet shrill, excited shout.

They have studied since children, practised, rehearsed, performed,

worked harder than imaginable to give us such pleasure.

To do the composers justice.

They will have to continue tomorrow, another concert, another stage.

We the audience drift into the night,

like butterflies in slow motion,

spellbound by their gift to us, their music still ringing in our ears.

Their beloved instruments, the magic they make, bringing tears.

While this chamber orchestra pursues its life,

under the careful, considerate, consuming never cavalier

direction of its masterful leader, a prodigy.

With thanks to the ACO from GlenMarguerite Ricketts ‘12