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Ask Me Anything: Anthony Marwood

Posted on 5 Nov 2014 by ACO Marketing

Anthony Marwood

We asked, you answered, and now hear what Anthony has to say. From what he thinks of Australia, his inspiration to become a violinist, the music he listens to in his downtime, to his favourite composer, Anthony answers all your questions in this special ‘Marwood’s Serenade’ blog post.

How are you liking Australia?
I’ve had a great few days getting over jet lag and preparing for the tour at an outstandingly beautiful estate called Linnaeus, near Byron Bay. Empty white sand beaches, soft air, the roll of the surf. So quite a lot!

You’ve played in some amazing venues around the world. Can you tell us about a venue that’s stood out?

Years ago I played a concert in Kandy, Sri Lanka, during the time of the civil war. As I played, monkeys gathered at the window, and gunshots could be heard in the middle distance (not sure this is the answer you were expecting).

What inspired you to pursue a career as a violinist?

My older siblings, who made me want to join in. Then key people along the way, such as my beloved teacher Emanuel Hurwitz.

I would like to know what’s your favourite piece to play and why?

It’s always what I am currently playing (with a few exceptions … ). Violinists are lucky to have a diverse repertoire; we are totally spoilt for choice.

Who is your favourite composer?

The number one most difficult question to answer! As time goes by, the most indispensable has to be Beethoven.

What sort of music do you listen to in your downtime?

I seem to be drawn to female vocalists: Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell, KD Lang, Kate Bush. I am also fond of silence.

Do you give lessons when you’re on tour? I would love to know your thoughts on your beautiful interpretation of the Brahms sonatas!

It depends on the schedule: a tour like the current one is so intense it doesn’t leave much time.

The Brahms recording was a tough one – taken from three different concerts, live, each at 11.30 on a Sunday morning!











Do you notice any differences when you play around the world? Do people respond differently?

Every audience is different and unpredictable, and its character doesn’t necessarily follow perceived national trends: an audience in Spain may be quite reserved, or one in Iceland may be excitable. There are also great variables within a country. I loved playing in Moscow recently, a very serious, attentive, passionate audience, people of all ages, and packed out.

What is the last thing you do before walking on stage?

Make sure I’m breathing!


Marwood’s Serenade

Anthony Marwood joins the ACO’s for a season finale to remember. Stravinsky’s Divertimento, Dvo?ák’s uplifting Serenade and late-Romantic composer Enescu’s gutsy Octet arranged for string orchestra.

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