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Audience Feedback: Nicole Car

Posted on 11 Apr 2018 by ACO Marketing

Opera singer Nicole Car receiving applause during our tour together.

Audiences have been singing the praises of our debut tour with Nicole Car, painting a vivid picture of a celebratory concert that whisked them away.

Some of our favourite excerpts are below:

“What a joyous evening”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“What a wonderful concert! I’m still floating….”
- Viv on Facebook

“Outstanding performance from all concerned”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“Nicole, Richard and Satu on fire. We would go again to the same program!”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“…such gloriously interlaced chemistry”
– @OperaChase on Twitter

“…mystical, magical and spiritual at the same time.”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“I just loved every minute of it…”
- Elizabeth on Facebook

“one of the best concerts attended in my 24 years as a subscriber.”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“The programming was fantastic! We hear connections and nuances that we wouldn't be aware of in a standard program.”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“Thank you for one of the most enjoyable ACO experiences - there have been a few!”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“It was absolutely wonderful in every way”
– Dreuxy on Facebook

“Nicole Car should become a regular guest star”
– Anonymous audience feedback

“A stunning performance not to be missed”
– Lawrie on Facebook

Our Nicole Car tour continues for the next fortnight, with performances in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne still to come. Tickets via the link below.

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