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2015 Emerging Artists: Aurora Henrich

Posted on 4 Feb 2015 by Neall Kriete

How long have you been playing the double bass?
I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old.
ACO2 Finals LR 2014 c. Jack Saltmiras-11

What inspired you to learn the double bass?
Well, like Harry, my older sister was getting lessons. I’d given some wind instruments a go, and really didn’t like that. And the bass was just a bit of a novelty.

Do you come from a musical family? If so, what do they do/play?
My sister is a flautist, but she’s an academic now based in London and Edinburgh. My parents are also both musicians, and music teachers.

What are your hobbies?
I like to see plays. There is lots of really good theatre in Sydney. I know ACO have done collaborations with Bell Shakespeare – most of their productions are amazing. There’s so many good theatre companies. I have a couple of favourite productions that I’ve seen, sometimes you see one that’s not as good as others. I saw an amazing production of Anatomy of Titus, Fall of Rome, which is a rewrite of a Shakespeare tragedy. Bell Shakespeare did that a few years ago and it was amazing.

I do a bit of swimming and a bit of yoga. I’m wary about saying that I swim, because I told Maxime that I swim occasionally, just to loosen up my back sometimes, and I enjoy it, because I have injuries. And he immediately asked, how many kilometres do you swim.

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What is your favourite piece to play?
I played Brahms 3 recently, and there’s this fantastic moment when the basses get the tune at the end of the last movement, and it’s pretty glorious.

What do you listen to?
I listen to, apart from classical, a lot of poppy stuff. I went to Kimbra’s concert the other night, she’s pretty cool. I like a lot of that funky 90s music: Michael Jackson, Prince.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world?
Maybe, going back to the Shakespeare thing, John Bell? He’s amazing, I’d love to pick his brains.

Favourite book?
If I get asked this one under pressure, I just say ‘Harry Potter’.

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