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Funding in the Small to Medium Arts Sector

Posted on 13 May 2016 by Cristina Maldonado

Today the Australia Council for the Arts has announced $112M in funding over four years for the small to medium arts sector. Whilst the ACO congratulates all those companies who received funding, the news is not all good.

The ACO is a company that regularly creates works through collaboration and we rely on individual artists and small to medium companies to be co-creators and artistic partners in our annual program of activities. We are particularly concerned by the withdrawal of funding for some creative and service organisations in the music sector, including past, present and future ACO collaborators like Gondwana Choirs and Synergy Percussion who have, over many successful years, helped shape the sector and provided training for future generations of Australian musicians. The cessation of multi-year funding for these organisations can only lead to a narrowing of the scope of artistic expression within the sector, which for us is of great concern.

A restricted investment landscape puts these companies’ futures at risk and will certainly impact on the artistic vibrancy of Australia’s music and creative industry as a whole.  We urge the Federal Government to reinstate funding to the Australia Council to enable the much needed support of small to medium arts organisations. 

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