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Bach | Beethoven: Fugue CD

Posted on 4 Apr 2017 by ACO Marketing

Following the recent Mozart’s Last Symphonies recording, Richard Tognetti an the ACO are releasing a new album showcasing two works of genius by two of the greatest composers of all time exploring fugues as musical artifice. 

The fugue is a form in which a single musical theme repeats and weaves around itself.

Tognetti describes Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge as a “hyper-controlled cacophony, rousing responses ranging from rapture to despair”, a genre moving away from salon music, and originally conceived as the final movement to his last string quartet. The piece is presented in an arrangement for string orchestra by Tognetti which, in his words, is “careful not to exploit the greater dynamic capabilities at the expense of the innerlich heart of Beethoven’s uniquely powerful music”.

The Art of Fugue is a mysterious unfinished fugue written by Bach at the end of his life. It is unclear for which instrument it was originally written.

Tognetti presents the first four movements using strings, winds, and even the voices of the orchestra to bring out the polyphonal parts which, in Bach’s hands, speak as one.

Pre-order now before the 7 April release.



The Art of Fugue, BWV1080 (selections)

1. Contrapunctus I
2. Contrapunctus II
3. Contrapunctus III
4. Contrapunctus IV


String Quartet in B-flat major, Op. 130 (with Grosse Fuge, Op. 133)

5 I. Adagio ma non troppo – Allegro
6 II. Presto
7 III. Andante con moto ma non troppo (poco scherzoso)
8 IV. Alla danza tedesca: Allegro assai
9 V. Cavatina: Adagio molto espressivo
10 VI. Grosse Fuge

Australian Chamber Orchestra
Richard Tognetti director and violin