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Nicholas Mulroy on Bach's Christmas Oratorio

Posted on 1 Nov 2017 by ACO Marketing


After receiving rave reviews in 2013, we are excited to reunite with the Choir of London this December to bring Bach’s Christmas Oratorio to Australian audiences, directed by Richard Tognetti.

The role of Evangelist will once again be taken up by acclaimed UK tenor Nicholas Mulroy, who the Sydney Morning Herald praised as a “cogent story- teller, with a radiant sound that just gets more ravishing as it gets higher. It is hard to imagine anyone singing (Bach’s Christmas Oratorio) better” during our 2013 performance.

The memory of this collaboration is already building excitement for Nicholas. “There was a lack of ego, a fantastic focus in rehearsals, and the most positive combination of virtuosity and humility from all sides” he recalls. “In the concerts I think we all felt liberated by a genuine chemistry and a license to make music in the moment”.

Considering Mulroy is widely considered the Evangelist of choice to lead Bach’s six-part festive masterpiece, the excitement is mutual. But even considering the age of the music and the length of his own focus, Mulroy believes the genius of Bach makes it impossible to see the Oratorio as anything but fresh.

“He’s one of that very small number of creative minds whose genius has a fresh glint every time you come into contact with him” he says. “If I’m allowed a cliché, his music is for everyone: it can encompass and even encourage the most profound scrutiny and analysis, but also holds great and immediate appeal to those not steeped in music”.

As we work with the Choir of London to bring the Oratorio from rehearsals to performance, we can’t wait to find the fresh glint of genius in the pages of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio as we deliver it to audiences old and new. 

Nicholas Mulroy appear in Bach's Christmas Oratorio, which runs from 3 - 10 December with performances in Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney. 

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