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Friday Flashback: 1998

Posted on 22 Mar 2013 by ACO Marketing

In March 1998, in Santa Fe (New Mexico), our scheduled concert almost came to grief. The carrier sent to collect the double bass from Albuquerque Airport and take it to the concert hall was refused permission to take the instrument because he was deemed to look suspicious! Undaunted, we went ahead with the first half of the concert. Melissa Barnard played the bass part on her cello while the bassist, Ciro Vigilante, turned the pages of the score. Vigilante’s concert clothes were in the case with the double bass, so he had to take to the stage in his civilian clothes. Fortunately, the double bass arrived in time for the second half of the program. There was no entry back stage so at interval it was wheeled down the aisle through the audience, who greeted it with applause and cheers.