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Guest Blog: Sydney Dance Company

Posted on 1 Nov 2012 by ACO Marketing

Dancer Thomas Bradley writes about Project Rameau:

Chic. This show is going to be high-class people! We’ve just joined forces with the ACO at Sydney Theatre, and after a very smooth technical rehearsal, I can tell you this show is going to be unique.

It was hard not to sit and watch the ACO at work – they are so magnificently in tune with each other, pardon the pun, it’s inspiring. The SDC ensemble are also in tune, but to see it from the outside was wonderful.

Rameau’s music is brought to life by the ACO. In some sections it’s almost like they are dancing. There is an incredible amount of movement coming from their raised stage, and it’s peculiar and beautiful to watch. I almost go into a little trance watching them. It’s the subtlety and sincerity, like the music is literally coming from within them. My surmise is that I’m seeing what I feel when I dance, that same bliss and contentment transformed into another language, music.

There’s a whole other level of commitment required when you’re performing to live music. A recorded track is consistent with tempo and dynamics whereas an orchestra breathes – it inhales and holds a pause for a little longer, then exhales and speeds through a short passage into the next section. It’s a kind of “soul-feeding” feeling to be a part of that on stage. It makes you feel very much alive, especially when a sudden tempo change sneaks up on you and that extra pirouette you had planned needs to be quickly suppressed!

These shows will be a constant unspoken conversation between us dancers, and the orchestra. An element that will indeed bring new life to every show, making each one a fresh and somewhat new experience. It’s very exciting to be part of a show where the slightest change of tempo or dynamic can have a massive effects on the dancers.

Don’t miss Project Rameau. This is something beautiful.

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