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Posted on 16 Jan 2010 by ACO Marketing


This is a forum for members of the ACO to place thoughts in a modern agora that encourages debate and response. The attraction of the Internet is that it is interactive, so we hope you will join our forum by offering us your thoughts in return.

The ACO travels some 100 days in a year. Although our stay in a destination is often as brief as good lingerie, our reactions, whether specific or general are strong. Hence, I thought it would be of interest to cyberise these thoughts by starting a cave of behind the scenes activity beneath our slick and bright website.

It is, however, not just our physical travels that will be documented, any ideas may be placed here. The interest of the Web lies in vox populi criticism and discourse. So long as you are passionate and sincere, you are welcome.

These days, Blogs garner as much credibility as paper journals. Popular and passionate views intersect with informed opinion, transforming the way we read and digest news and form opinion. Unlike in a media baron’s paper journal, one can “opinion hop”; traversing a universe of views ranging from diatribe to sycophancy that in the paper world would destroy a forest of trees. It is also the forum for modern revolution where opinions inflate or deflate attitudes in this barrier-free society. Not that we expect this site to become a forum for Basque separatists, but on the Web crackpots and global authorities exist side-by-side without the intervention of media owners.

Three attractions of the internet are: immediacy, multi-media activity, and interactivity. Often we do a concert and don’t receive a review for days, if not weeks afterwards; all we take home is the sound of hands clapping or coughing. Maybe the reviewer is a half-baked, prejudice- ridden crank on crack, (most aren’t we can be sure of that) but because he or she is associated with a reputed paper journal, the opinion “counts” (and usually should!), but what the Web offers is to discount exclusive opinion by offering diversity and immediacy.

It won’t necessarily run as a diary because that would require too much structure, rather we will begin as a free for all; indeed as a microcosm of the World Wide Web. Please use the search tools to find your own structure. We look forward to seeing how it grows and unfolds.

So welcome, enjoy and participate.

Richard Tognetti, ACO Artistic Director and Lead Violin