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In the press: Reflections on Gallipoli

Posted on 17 Mar 2015 by Neall Kriete

‘Of all the centenary of Gallipoli tributes this year, few are likely to be as profound and moving as the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Reflections on Gallipoli.’

‘… while respecting its message of reconciliation, Carl Vine’s setting of Ataturk’s words in Our Sons conveyed the anguish of loss and grief with equal force, thanks to Fiebig and the ACO’s expressive performance.’

– Murray Black, The Australian, 17 March
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‘Soprano Taryn Fiebig’s impassioned delivery revealed the bitterness of this grief, writ large on the huge projection behind the ensemble. The effect was haunting and deeply, desperately moving.’

‘This is playing at its most honest and touchingly sincere. Vaughn Williams’ uplifting, soaring melodies and pleasantly verdant modal chords might seem misjudged after the performance’s commitment to truthfully presenting the terror, suffering and abhorrent slaughter of Gallipoli, but this soothing music serves as a reminder of the liberties we now enjoy because of that sacrifice. Reflections on Gallipoli may be a chilling warning, but it is also a tribute of heartfelt, inexpressible gratitude, lest we forget.’

– Maxim Boon, Limelight Magazine, 17 March
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‘Vine contributed two works, a Soliloquy for solo violin and Our Sons, an extended vocal work which Taryn Fiebig sang with gripping, indeed devastating intensity. After an elegiac start, the piece gives way to impassioned drama underscored by anger, a gentle section to the mothers of the fallen and an austere funereal close. Fiebig also displayed superb mastery of both gritty, throaty, lower register and clear, ethereal high notes in a series of Turkish songs arranged by Cyrus Meurant.’

‘However, it was the words of those who were there, (including Albert Facey, Tom Usher, Alec Gilpin, Peter Jackson, Charles Bean, Joe Murray, Aubrey Herbert and Tony Fagan) as recited by Nathaniel Dean, Yalin Ozucelik and Taryn Fiebig that proved most powerful. The numbing horrors related in plain, simple language risked making everything else superfluous.’

– Peter McCallum, The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 March
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‘Popular works in the repertoire bookmarked each half – Elgar’s Sospiri and Vaughan Williams’ The Lark Ascending – offering exquisite opportunities for the orchestra to demonstrate various states of blissful contemplation, and offering space for the audience to reflect on this significant event in Australia’s history.’

Joel Carnegie, The Age, 17 March
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14–27 March 2015

Richard Tognetti, large-scale theatre specialist, Nigel Jamieson, and one of Australia’s greatest storytellers, Neil Armfield join forces to present this heartfelt exploration of our ANZAC story through music, spoken text and visual imagery, where an Australian’s elegy for his friend brushes shoulders with the words of the father of modern Turkey.

BARTÓK String Quartet No.2: Allegro molto capriccioso
KELLY Elegy for strings ‘In Memoriam Rupert Brooke’
SARISÖZEN (arr. Meurant) Çanakkale Türküsü
VINE Soliloquy (world premiere)
TRADITIONAL (arr. Meurant) Ceddin Deden
ELGAR Sospiri, Op.70
KODALLI Adagio for String Orchestra
MEHVE? HANIM (arr. Meurant) Kaçsam Birakip Senden Uzak Yollara Gitsem
TRADITIONAL (arr. Meurant) Nihavend Longa
VINE Our Sons (world premiere)