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LISTEN: Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Posted on 22 Dec 2015 by Leo Messias

The latest instalment of our ACO Sessions on Spotify, Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik, recorded back in 2011 as part of our Glittering Fröst national concert program, is now available for streaming via Spotify. See below for all available ACO Sessions on Spotify.

Mozart's "little serenade" hardly requires introduction. It is simply one of the most famous and best-loved works by the most famous and best-loved of composers. Mozart himself apparently didn't consider it worth publishing - it was sold as a mixed bag of papers by his widow Constanze in 1799 and only published in 1827. 

For the 18th-century listener, the serenade had connotations of evening time frivolity. Mozart would probably be surprised to learn that we are sitting down politely and seriously listening to his serenades in the formal environment of a concert hall. 

Eine kleine Nachtmusik is especially minimal even by Mozart's standards and is unusually scored for strings only - just two violins, viola and cello with optional double bass, so it can be played by a string quartet, quintet or orchestra. 

So without further ado, Mozart's captivating Eine kleine Nachtmusik...





BRAHMS Symphony No.4



SIBELIUS Symphony No.6



BARBER Adagio for Strings



MENDELSSOHN (arr. Tognetti) String Quartet No.3



HAYDN Symphony No.49 in F minor