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Matraville Soldiers’ Settlement Public School

Posted on 17 May 2012 by L2 Interactive

Rachel Scott, a music educator with the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, runs the music program at the Matraville Soldiers’ Settlement Public School. For two years, the ACO has worked with Rachel in a number of workshops with the students. These are students who live with real hardship and disadvantage. It’s wonderful to see the difference music makes in their lives.

I’m sitting reflecting on yesterday. My brain is full of flashing images of kids laughing and smiling. Kids listening. Kids learning. Teachers at the school smiling. And the soundtrack for these images is some excellent music…the highlight for me was watching [a student] play the thongaphone with Julian Thompson. Julian was given three boys who are hard work. They are lippy and argumentative in the classroom. And will often just give up. I watched all of them succeed, and grin about it. But when I saw [that student] crease up laughing, working with Julian, I could have stopped and cried.
Rachel Scott