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Mount Isa School of the Air

Posted on 28 Mar 2013 by ACO Marketing

We have just received some wonderful feedback from our ACO Ensemble tour to Mount Isa last year. Yvonne from Mount Isa School of the Air, which provides exceptional education to children and youth in remote areas of the Outback, said:

“… just wanted to share some information about what has been happening since the highly successful ACO tour last year. I have just finished the recruiting process for our district and we usually scrape together around 35-40 beginners [young musicians]. This year we have 67 and counting. So we have had to approach families to purchase instruments as we only have 35 school ones available for beginners and they are more than happy to do so. One dad was telling me his son wants to to do what that guy with the spiky hair at the concert did. Please feel free to pass this comment onto Chris [Moore, Viola]. The ACO guys have really made a difference.  THANKS HEAPS!!!  Best outcome ever.”