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Reflections on Gallipoli: Çanakkale Sehitlerine

Posted on 17 Mar 2015 by Neall Kriete

The Martyrs of Çanakkale (excerpt)

If I could take the vault of heaven
As if it was a woollen cloak
And cover your bleeding tomb
With all the planets.

If I could build with April clouds
A dome over your tomb,
And extend the seven starred Pleiades from there;
You, enwrapped with your blood beneath this canopy of stars

While lying there,
If I could bring the moon to your graveside
And make it attend on you as your keeper
Until daybreak,
And then, if I could fill that canopy
With the dawn;

If I could wrap round your wound
In the evening with tulles of sunset,
Even then I could not say
I have done enough
To cherish your blessed memory. 

Mehmet Akif Ersoy