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Six degrees of separation. Well, sort of…

Posted on 25 Jan 2016 by Cristina Maldonado

We took up the challenge to try and link all the composers on our Beethoven & The 21st Century concert. To connect brilliant minds on a program that spans over two centuries, we've made some adjustments to the theory, and here are our rules:

1. The composers on our Beethoven & The 21st Century program are ordered chronologically by birth;
2. The connections must be actual connections. That is, they must have met the person in some way, shape or form.

So with no further ado, find out how Beethoven and Nico Muhly are actually very few steps away.

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (born Bonn, 1770 - died Vienna, 1827) met Ignaz Moscheles (born Prague, 1794 - died Leipzig, 1870) while they're both living in Vienna. → Moscheles met Johannes Brahms (born Hamburg, 1833 - died Vienna, 1897) in Leipzig in 1853. → Brahms and Joseph Joachim (born Kitsee, 1831 - died Berlin, 1907) met in 1853 and they became lifelong friends. → Joachim and Willy Burmester (born Hamburg, 1869 - died Berlin, 1933) were teacher and pupil in Berlin. → Burmester knew JEAN SIBELIUS (born Hämeenlinna, 1865 - died Järvenpää, 1957) when he was the leader of the Helskinki Philharmonic. Burmester was also the original dedicatee of Sibelius’ Violin Concerto.

JEAN SIBELIUS met Granville Bantock (born London, 1868 - died London, 1946) in 1905. → Bantock corresponded with Ralph Vaughan Williams (born Down Ampney, 1872 - died London, 1958). → And Vaughan Williams also corresponded with MICHAEL TIPPETT (born London, 1905 - died London 1998).

MICHAEL TIPPETT was friends with Benjamin Britten (born Lowestoft, 1913 - died Aldeburgh, 1976). → Britten and Mstislav Rostropovich (born Baku, 1927 - died Moscow, 2007) first met in 1960 and were friends until Britten’s death. → Rostropovich taught cello to David Geringas (born Vilnius, 1946). → Geringas had a cello concerto dedicated to and written for him by ERKKI-SVEN TÜÜR (born Kärdla, 1959).

ERKKI-SVEN TÜÜR and Richard Tognetti (born Canberra, 1965) became acquainted when Tüür wrote Whistles and Whispers from Uluru for the ACO in 2007. → Tognetti and Pekka Kuusisto (born Espoo, 1976) are friends and colleagues. → Kuusisto and BRYCE DESSNER (born Cincinnati, 1976) are also friends and colleagues.

Dessner and NICO MUHLY (born Randolph, 1981) are friends and colleagues.

We could have made some of the connections closer but we didn’t want to make it too easy for you. We’d like to see what you come up with. Hit us with your best connections! 

Beethoven & The 21st Century

4-19 February
Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney

NICO MUHLY (arr. strings) Part I from Drones & Violin
ERKKI-SVEN TÜÜR Action–Passion–Illusion
TIPPETT A Lament from Variations on an Elizabethan Theme
BRYCE DESSNER (arr. strings) Tenebre
SIBELIUS Rakastava
BEETHOVEN (arr. strings) String Quartet in F minor, Op.95 ‘Serioso’