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Strings and Smiles

Posted on 21 Nov 2012 by ACO Marketing

We have an all-day string workshop with high school students at Norville State School during our QLD tour. The students are a little nervous at first but soon relax, working hard to master Corelli’s Christmas Concerto and Grieg’s Holberg Suite. We all work together for a while before breaking into sections – a special treat for the two cellists and two viola players. The two young cellists perform incredibly well after seeing the music only two days earlier. For a while the students put down their instruments and listen intently as we talk about our work as musicians and our careers with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Then two young violinists, Julia and Imogen, bravely step up to perform the solo parts in the Corelli, ending with lots of smiles on stage and from their proud parents.

By the end of the day, a large audience of friends and family is on hand and they’re very appreciative of the insights gained from us during the workshop.

It’s lovely to meet some of the teachers and members of the community. And we say a huge thank you to music teacher Christine Buwalda from Norville, who worked incredibly hard to make sure the day ran smoothly. The students are lucky to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher.