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Ten minutes with Patricia Kopatchinskaja

Posted on 19 Jul 2013 by ACO Marketing


Can you play the trumpet?
No, but my grandfather played a small Moldovan flute.

What’s your guilty pop music pleasure?
Massive Attack.

What do you recommend for regular violin practice?
Practice only when you like, and when it makes sense.

Do you still practice scales?
No, but I pick out difficult parts from different pieces of music.

Is Richard Tognetti intimidating or a lovely eccentric fella?

What is your first memory of playing the violin and where were your thoughts at the time?
I don’t remember when I first picked up a violin, but I know I heard it when I was in my mother’s belly when she was pregnant – she played Mendelssohn.

What age did you start playing? My eight-year-old daughter is begging me for lessons but I’m unsure if that’s too young.
I was 6 when I started playing. Eight is not too early – it might be too late, if you are really serious about it.

What is your favourite concerto to play?
#BernardRofe, #IlduaraViolinistaFantástica

And what is the hardest concerto you’ve played?
Ligeti … plus Schoenberg and Mendelssohn.

What town are you from?
I’m from Kishinev.

Do you improvise or noodle around in the practice room?
Sometimes when I’m tired.

What kind of violin do you play?
#MarleenBroekmans, #MobiusBarnaby, #MartinKubisViolins
Pressenda 1834 Torino.

Does marketing give you the shits?
Yes and no.

Is being uninhibited while you perform something that develops or did you at some stage make a decision?
It is a decision. It’s a philosophy, a performing principal.

What is your favourite cocktail?
Campari and orange.

What do you think about historically informed practice and performance? Is it something you take into consideration in performing repertoire from an/all ages of classical music?
To the first question, we should learn everything we can about it. Second, yes I take it into consideration as much as possible. Our task is to make the performance as it would be the first time, the premiere, but for the audience of today.

Have you ever thought about broadcasting more of your beautiful playing via Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc?
If something is filmed and I am happy, why not put it online?

When will you play in Germany?
#JurgenNaeve, #SaschaSchmid
I play in Germany quite a lot – keep an eye on my website (

Do you have plans to play in New Zealand?
No, unfortunately.

No dates planned, unfortunately.

Hopefully soon.

Do you have any upcoming concerts with Fazil Say?
Yes, in Vienna next year.

Who is your biggest musical influence?
All the sounds around me influence me, any kind of sound.

Which is your favourite instrument after the violin?
The voice.

And to questions from #DaveCurro, #FacuCabrera, #EoinAndersen, #MarcelloIanconnetti, #PabloJimenez about marriage, engagements or dinner dates…
I am happily married!