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Timothy Calnin on Reflections on Gallipoli

Posted on 16 Mar 2015 by Neall Kriete

General Manager Timothy Calnin attended the first Sydney performance of Reflections on Gallipoli yesterday – here he shares his thoughts on the concert.

Even though I have been hearing sections this program coming together over the last few weeks through the door of the ACO Studio, and even managed to sit in for half an hour last week, nothing could have prepared me for the overwhelming impact of the full performance at the Opera House yesterday.

The ACO has presented quite a few boundary-breaking programs in the last few years, but Reflections on Gallipoli set a new level – a powerful concept told through music, spoken word, sung text and historical imagery. The breathless silence of the audience as Richard’s lark disappeared into a cloudless blue firmament was as eloquent as the exquisite music-making that preceded it. I was rendered utterly speechless, and indeed voiceless, by the end and was unable to express to director Neil Armfield and deviser Nigel Jamieson my huge appreciation for what they have created. Feeling so fortunate that I will have the chance to experience this concert again this week in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth before it returns to Sydney.

14–27 March 2015

Richard Tognetti, large-scale theatre specialist, Nigel Jamieson, and one of Australia’s greatest storytellers, Neil Armfield join forces to present this heartfelt exploration of our ANZAC story through music, spoken text and visual imagery, where an Australian’s elegy for his friend brushes shoulders with the words of the father of modern Turkey.

BARTÓK String Quartet No.2: Allegro molto capriccioso
KELLY Elegy for strings ‘In Memoriam Rupert Brooke’
SARISÖZEN (arr. Meurant) ?anakkale Türküsü
VINE Soliloquy (world premiere)
TRADITIONAL (arr. Meurant) Ceddin Deden
ELGAR Sospiri, Op.70
KODALLI Adagio for String Orchestra
MEHVE? HANIM (arr. Meurant) Kaçsam B?rak?p Senden Uzak Yollara Gitsem
TRADITIONAL (arr. Meurant) Nihavend Longa
VINE Our Sons (world premiere)