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Triptych: a tribute to Britten's music

Posted on 24 Sep 2015 by Cristina Maldonado


Katie Noonan, ACO2 and Sydney Dance Company in rehearsals of Triptych

The fiery young guns of ACO2, with guest Director Thomas Gould, join Sydney Dance Company and songstress Katie Noonan for Triptych, a trio of breathtaking dance pieces. A never-before-seen work from Bonachela, Variation 10; a shimmering performance of Les Illuminations; and the playful Simple Symphony. 


Rafael Bonachela on the making of Variation 10

Variation 10 is based on Britten’s musical tribute to Frank Bridge (1879–1941). The pair met during the Norwich Festival in 1924. Young Ben Britten then began making occasional day trips up to London for composition lessons. He later recalled that there were two ‘cardinal principles’ in Bridge’s methods. ‘One was that you should find yourself and be true to what you found. The other – obviously connected with the first – was his scrupulous attention to good technique, the business of saying clearly what was in one’s mind.’ In Bonachela’s words, Variation 10 celebrates ‘the beauty and the depth of his (Britten’s) music’.



#ACO15: Triptych with Sydney Dance Company and ACO2
25 September-10 October

Triptych is a thrilling marriage of classical music and dance performed by Sydney Dance Company, ACO2 and one of Australia’s most beloved vocalists, Katie Noonan.

Variation 10
Les Illuminations
Simple Symphony