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Vale Peter Sculthorpe

Posted on 11 Aug 2014 by ACO Marketing

“The ACO is to Peter Sculthorpe as a tree is to soil.

Peter wrote for the ACO right through the history of the ACO, right from the very word go.

I recall vividly as a kid hearing the ACO in Wollongong Town Hall playing the music of Sculthorpe. The sounds of Sculthorpe were the sounds of the ACO and THEY sat powerfully and wonderfully beside the music of Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and Mozart.

When I first joined the ACO and got to know the man himself I was touched by his humility, gentleness and his resoluteness. He wrote many pieces for the Orchestra and we look forward to having one hell of a time remembering him through his music over the coming years.

He could drink and keep up with the best of them, including Tim Freedman, Willy Barton, musicians of the ACO, and other legendary musicians and drinkers.

I always thought that Peter the man had lived since time began and would live forever. His music I believe will live forever.

The great filmmaker Tony Palmer recently got in touch with me, asking to help raise funds for a film about Peter Sculthorpe. Now of course it will be an eternal regret that Tony wasn’t able to make this film before Peter died.

But let’s hope that now Tony Palmer will get the support his project deserves – to bring to cinematic life the life and music of Australia’s greatest ever composer, Peter Sculthorpe.”

– Richard Tognetti, 8 Aug, 2014.

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