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Why We Commission

Posted on 6 Jun 2018 by ACO

The ACO have earned a reputation for bringing orchestral music into the 21st century, with concerts that are inventive, dynamic and relevant.

Much of this relies on our distinctive programming which, when brought to life by our exceptional musicians, illuminates the intentions of both contemporary and classical composers for the listener, and has led to some of our most memorable musical experiences.

This approach comes naturally to us because, at its core, we see music as a living expression of our time – part of an ever growing and evolving body of art and culture.

It's hard to imagine, but Mozart and Beethoven were once modern composers. They weren't yet household names, but took the opportunity to make their mark on the world in exciting and unexpected ways. Today, their music lives on as examples of the pinnacles of human creation, and a new generation of composers are following suit.

But the music of contemporary composers can only live on if orchestras support their creations by performing and commissioning. We believe that providing both of these opportunities is one of the most important things we can do – for composers, for our audiences and for the musicians of tomorrow.

This is why the ACO place such an importance on performing contemporary music, giving numerous world and Australian premieres of new music, alongside works that celebrated their own auspicious premieres decades, or in many cases centuries, ago.

It is also why we dedicate substantial resources to commissioning the work of contemporary composers. If we can take part in the creation of these new works, then we truly are contributing to art for centuries to come, and the world is all the richer for it.

Much of our creative output, including commissions, is only made possible through the support of our patrons. For more information on how to become involved, or to make a contribution, visit the link below.

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