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The Year Ahead

Posted on 18 Dec 2017 by ACO Marketing

ACO Cellist Tipi walking through a door

From a powerful opener to a triumphant finale, our 2018 season will take audiences through a musical journey that inspires, surprises and rewards their curiosity.

With a season this varied it can be difficult to pick which concerts the members of the Orchestra are most looking forward to performing together. To that end, we asked five of our musicians  to share their top pick (or picks) for the new year.

ACO Violinist Aiko Goto

Aiko Goto

Goldberg Variations, Transforming Strauss & Mozart and Tognetti’s Beethoven are my picks. I couldn’t choose just one... sorry!

Bach’s Goldberg Variations is the most amazing music, and I’m excited for Labadie’s arrangement. Transforming Strauss & Mozart will be a great opportunity for me to play chamber music with my great colleagues. And it’s always my favourite when Richard [Tognetti] directs Beethoven, and I remember how amazing it was when he played the Beethoven Violin Concerto last time, so I think it’ll be great highlight for everyone.

ACO Cellist Julian Thompson

Julian Thompson

It’s so hard to choose a favourite for 2018 as all of the programs are amazing. For me it’s difficult to go past working with Steven Isserlis for Steven Isserlis plays Shostakovich. Isserlis has a unique voice, such unity with his instrument, and I’m sure he will bring something truly exceptional to Schostakovich’s monumental first cello concerto.

ACO Violinist Maja Savnik

Maja Savnik

My pick for the 2018 season is Tognetti’s Beethoven. The ACO really shines when playing music from this period and I can’t wait to see where Richard [Tognetti]'s musical journey takes us.

ACO Violinist Ike See

Ike See

I can’t wait for the season opener of Tognetti Tchaikovsky Brahms, as Bibeau, Christensen, See bring exciting new works to the table! Prince of Clouds by Anna Clyne is both hauntingly beautiful and exhilarating, and we look forward to bringing this experience to Australian audiences for the first time

ACO Cellist Melissa Barnard

Melissa Barnard

In 2018 I’m really looking forward to six of us playing the chamber music tour (Transforming Strauss & Mozart) in September- Strauss and Wagner, the high Romantics, alongside Bach and Mozart. It’s a rich and beautiful programme and it will be great to play these powerful works in such an intimate ensemble.

Our 2018 Season begins in February next year, when Richard Tognetti will lead the orchestra through an explosive season opener of old and new – Tognetti Tchaikovsky Brahms.


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