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Andrew Ford - Harbour

Andrew Ford - Harbour
$ 25.00

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Gerald English Tenor
David Stanhope Conductor
Alice Evans Violin
and others

Tracks 4-10 feature the ACO and track 3 features ACO violinist Alice Evans.


Music by Andrew Ford for tenor Gerald English, including Harbour for tenor and 17 solo strings composed for the ACO in 1992.

Tall Poppies TP128

Track Listing

Track Title Time
1 A Martian Sends a Postcard Home 11:39
2 Clarion 06:21
3 Epithalamium 1:57
4-10 Harbour 17:19
11 Composition in Blue, Grey and Pink 4:07
12-17 Dancing with Smoke 9:39
18-21 A Salt Girl 4:19
22 Female Nude 4:56
23 And Now 2:03
24-28 Five Cabaret Songs 10:21


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