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Carnival of the Animals

Carnival of the Animals
$ 33.00


Richard Tognetti Director and Lead Violin
Peter Garrett Narrator
Michael Leunig Words and Images


Michael Leunig has written new poems to go with Saint-Saëns Carnival of the Animals. Chickens, cuckoos and elephants become lizards, wombats and dugongs. Peter Garrett narrates Leunig's poems and the ACO plays Saint-Saëns' original music. Accompanying the CD is a book with the poems printed and illustrations by Leunig.

"So welcome to Carnival of the Animals
some music and some yarns
praising birds and beasts and fish
devised by Camille Saint-Saëns
a long, long time ago,
and we feel he wouldn't mind
if we substituted creatures now
of the Gondwana kind:
a crocodile, a wombat,
a lizard on a log.
We feel Camille would understand
after all, he was a frog!"
Michael Leunig

Pan Macmillan

Track Listing

Track Title Time
01 Introduction   1:29
02 Royal March of the Lion Crocodile 2:01
03 Hens and Chickens Lizard   1:18
04 Donkey the Cat   1:03
05 Tortoises Reflection  3:15
06 The Elephant Dugongs   1:45
07 Kangaroo Rabbit    1:17
08  Aquarium Duck    2:21
09  Characters with Long Ears Mosquito  0:58
10  The Cuckoo The Wombat    2:31
11  Aviary Birds    1:45
12  Pianists    2:23
13  Fossils The Inner Creature  1:51
14  The Swan   3:45
15  Finale Grand Parade    3:39


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