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Nicole Car: Heroines

Nicole Car: Heroines
$ 25.00


Richard Tognetti Director
Nicole Car Soprano
Satu Vänskä Violin


In 2018 we toured with Australia's operatic sensation Nicole Car for the very first time. Recorded live during the tour, 'Heroines' captures the sparks that flew as the singer, Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra worked together to bring some of the most powerful women in opera to life.

“Here we present Nicole Car, a singer at the top of her game, to portray heroines including the courageous Queen Dido, wrathful Deidamia, the doomed Desdemona,” said Richard Tognetti, Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. “These are characters who face the very depths of human expression – joy and hope, grief and despair – with resilience and strength.”

Released through ABC Classic, the 21-track album is available to own in physical and digital formats.


Track Listing

  HANDEL Overture and Dances from Alcina
1 I. [Grave] -
2   Allegro
3 II. Musette: Un peu lentement
4 III. Menuet: Allegro
5   Gavotte
6   Sarabande: Adagio
7   Menuet
8   Gavotte
9   Tamburino
10 MOZART Symphony No. 27 in G major: I. Allegro
11 MOZART Basta, vincesti ... Ah non lasciarmi, no
12 BEETHOVEN Romance for Violin and Orchestra No. 2 in F major
13 BEETHOVEN Ah! perfido ... Per pietà, non dirmi addio
14 VERDI Ave Maria, plena di grazia from Otello
15 PUCCINI Crisantemi (Chrysanthemums)
16 VERDI Act III Prelude from La traviata
17 MOZART Misera, dove son! ... Ah! non son io che parlo
  MOZART Symphony No. 27 in G major:
18 II. Andantino grazioso
19 III. Presto
20 MOZART Chi sà, chi sà, qual sia
21 BEETHOVEN Ma tu tremi, o mio tesoro?