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Sculthorpe Music for Strings

Sculthorpe Music for Strings
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Richard Tognetti Director and Violin
Helena Rathbone Violin
Cameron Retchford Cello


"Peter Sculthorpe believes that the works he has composed for the Australian Chamber Orchestra since its inception more than 20 years ago are among his best, and I'm inclined to agree. In a real sense, of course, these are musical landscapes too, though here the composed music takes over and the bird-song enters a more stylised, even symbolic, domain. the bulk of this music is brooding and intense; there's an urgency about it. It's not the music is fast - most of it isn't - but it is deeply felt by its composer, and the significance he attaches to the pieces is reflected in the conviction of the ACO's performances. They are close to ideal; the players have lived with this music, playing it on most of their international tours, and it shows in the perfect timing of each moment." Andrew Ford, ABC Radio 24 Hours

ARIA Award 1996
Best Australian Recording ABC Classic FM 1996
Classic FM Listeners' Choice 1996
Soundscapes Readers' Choice 1996

ABC Classics 454 504-2

Track Listing

Track Music by Sculthorpe Time
1-6 Port Essington  14:53
7-11 Sonata for Strings No.1 13:56
12 Lament for Strings   09:39
13 Sonata for Strings No.2 13:15
14-15 Sonata for Strings No.3 12:55
16 Irkanda IV 10:45


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