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Sculthorpe Orchestral Music

Sculthorpe Orchestral Music
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Richard Tognetti Director and Violin
Emma-Jane Murphy Cello


From the CD booklet:
Peter Sculthorpe could currently lay claim to being the best-known and most-performed Australian composer. His music, rooted in Western classical tradition, has incorporated elements from across Asia and Australasia, both cultural and natural. The Australian landscape plays a central role in his unique musical language. The ACO was founded in 1975, and its reputation has grown almost in parallel with Sculthorpe’s. He comments, "I was still emerging as a composer when the ACO began… there have always been members of the ACO who are good friends of mine, and it’s stayed that way." Helping the relationship along is the composer’s love for string music, which is at the heart of the ACO’s repertoire. ‘One never tires of strings; they have an incredible variety of timbres.’

Chandos CHAN10063

Track Listing

Track Music by Sculthorpe Time
1 Irkanda I 10:07
2 Irkanda IV 10:41
3 Lament 10:11
4 Second Sonata for Strings 14:37
5 Cello Dreaming 15:41
6 Djilile 4:29


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"Peter Sculthorpe is Australia's senior composer, and his works are rooted in the landscape and culture of his country. Irkanda I for solo violin follows the c..."

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