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Piazzolla Song of the Angel

Piazzolla Song of the Angel
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James Crabb Classical Accordion
Benjamin Martin Piano
Richard Tognetti Director and Lead Violin


From Chandos:
From his earliest student days, Piazzolla had harboured the ambition to compose large-scale symphonic music in addition to the more compact tango-inspired pieces for which he remains best remembered. It was somewhat inevitable, therefore, that he would at some point compose a full-scale concerto for bandoneón and orchestra. This three movement work was first performed in Buenos Aires in 1979. After the composer’s death, his agent and publisher decided to give the work a more poetic name. ‘Aconcagua’ is the name of the highest peak in the Andes and Piazzolla’s agent chose this name as he felt that the concerto represented the creative summit of the composer’s achievements. When Piazzolla recorded or performed Aconcagua, he liked to couple it with another substantial work for bandoneón and orchestra, Three Tangos.

The other works included in the present recording are representative of the more concentrated style Piazzolla achieved in his short pieces for tango quintet. Milonga del Angel is one of several compositions to which Piazzolla gave the title ‘milonga’ (a nineteenth-century dance, close in idiom to the tango).The piece belongs to a series of ‘Angel’ works, which also includes La Muerte del Angel. The ‘Angel’ series as a whole remains far better known than the parallel series of ‘Diablo’ pieces. Piazzolla composed several pieces with the title ‘Tanguedia’; this example characterised by a pulsating and percussive rhythmic drive. Oblivion is a popular extract from a score Piazzolla composed for a film version of Pirandello’s play Enrico IV.

Chandos 10163

Track Listing

Track Music by Piazzolla Time
1 La Muerte del Angel 03:29
2-4 Aconcagua 24:11
5 Romance del Diablo 07:27
6 Tanguedia 04:21
7 Milonga del Angel 07:21
8 Vayamos al Diablo 02:45
9-11 Tres Tangos 19:10
12 Oblivion 04:45


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"These arrangements of some of Piazzolla's greatest music remain unfailingly potent"

The Guardian