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Tawadros - Concerto of the Greater Sea

Tawadros - Concerto of the Greater Sea
$ 25.00


Joseph Tawadros Oud
Richard Tognetti Violin
James Tawadros Req, Bendir
Christopher Moore Viola
Matt McMahon Piano


From ABC Classics:

Concerto of The Greater Sea showcases not only Joseph’s incredible instrumental skill, but also his talents as a composer. As well as seven tracks for Oud and orchestra, Tawadros performs his original six-movement suite ‘The Greater Sea’ in a quartet with Australian jazz piano legend Matt McMahon, ACO Principal Viola Chris Moore, and percussion prodigy James Tawadros, Joseph’s brother and closest collaborator. Orchestra and quartet together complete a single, delicate emotional journey, with the Oud at the heart of the album, weaving the two musical worlds into one.

Joseph speaks of the concept behind this album: “I have always been fond of the sea, its movement, its silence, its energy and its freedom, and the new compositions are about being immersed in this. The ocean represents a return to oneself, a rediscovery, an emotional reinvention, musically, spiritually and beyond.”

ABC Classics 4764745

Track Listing

Track Music by Tawadros Time
1 The Greater Sea 03:15
2 Rose 04:02
3 Twilight of Memory 05:28
4 Epiphany 02:43
5 Sleepless Mother 06:52
6 Boundless 04:01
7 Seafarer 05:40
8 Oasis 06:20
9 The Wind Prelude 00:33
10 Heart of Rose 04:20
11 The Procession 03:18
12 Upon the Wind 07:55
13 Ebb and Flow 02:20
14 Remember 09:01
15 Departure 03:10
16 Existence 05:30


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