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Wispelwey plays Schumann and Hindemith

Wispelwey plays Schumann and Hindemith
$ 25.00


Pieter Wispelwey Cello
Paolo Giacometti Piano
Richard Tognetti Director and Lead Violin
Netherlands Wind Ensemble


From Channel Classics:
This CD unites late works of Schumann with those of the young Hindemith. Schumann composed his cello concerto at the age of forty. Barely a month after settling in Dusseldorf, the brand new Stadtische Musikdirektor completed this wondrous example of the form in less than two weeks during October 1850. During a grave psychotic episode four years later, he sought comfort in this melancholy composition, a favorite among his works. As he made the final corrections, he was trying to chase devilish voices and images of tigers and hyenas from his troubled mind. His remission did not last. Shortly afterwards, on a stormy 27 February 1854, he threw himself into the Rhine...but was rescued by sailors. Two years later, Schumann died in an asylum near Bonn. He was forty-six, and left behind him the finest cello concerto composed since that by (1783) and the most frequently performed after the one by Dvorak.

Channel Classics CCS 11097

Track Listing

Track Title Time
  SCHUMANN Cello Concerto in A minor Op.129  
1 Nicht zu schnell    10:57
2 Langsam    04:04
3 Sehr Lebhaft   07:31
  SCHUMANN Fantasiestücke Op.73  
4 Zart und mit Ausdruck   02:57
5 Lebhaft, leicht     02:52
6 Rasch und mit Feuer     03:44
  HINDEMITH Stücke für Violoncello und Klavier Op.8  
7 Capriccio (violoncello con sordino)    02:34
8 Phantasiestück    10:40
9 Scherzo     10:19
  SCHUMANN From: 5 Stücke im Volkston Op.102  
10 Langsam (No.2)    03:34
  TOTAL:     59:55


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“Wispelwey excels in this elegant reading of Schumann's Cello Concerto...he plays with a delicate touch...The ACO gives well balanced crisp support.”

BBC Music Magazine