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Wispelwey plays Shostakovich and Kodály

Wispelwey plays Shostakovich and Kodály
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Pieter Wispelwey  Cello
Richard Tognetti  Director and Lead Violin
Darryl Poulsen  French Horn


From Channel Classics:
What do the Kodaly sonata and Shostakovich's first cello concerto mean to a cellist? Unquestionably they are among the great predators in the zoological garden of cello repertoire. Both pieces are wild and dangerous, but at the same time they derive part of their intensity from a paradox. Their temperament may be savage, but somehow or other they have been forced into their final shapes. The cage in which Shostakovich imprisons his beast consists, in addition to a rigid form, of dynamic discipline and remarkable indications of tempo. The discipline which Kodly imposed on himself comes from the fact that he wrote his many-headed monster of an irritable sonata for a single cello instead of a 300-headed orchestra. This "limitation" results in an overwhelming, gigantic battle expansion of the cello's territory. Never before has the cello been a vehicle for such visions, such lust as in this rhapsody of heroism, vitality, exaltation, and exoticism.

Channel Classics CCS15398

Track Listing

Track Title Time
  SHOSTAKOVICH Cello Concerto No.1  
01 Allegretto   06:30
02 Moderato     11:22
03 Cadenza     06:08
04 Allegro con moto    04:36
  KODALY Sonata for Cello, Op.8   
05 Allegro maestoso ma appassionata    08:33
06 Adagio (con grand' espressione)     12:51
07 Allegro moto vivace     11:30
  TOTAL:     61:30


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