Download a PDF or PowerPoint of the Schools Notes for each ACO Subscription Series concert and ACO Collective regional concerts below.

These notes are tailored to the Draft Australian Curriculum: The Arts and provide teachers with information and exercises to assist students to actively listen to the repertoire whilst learning about different styles of music and performance.

Schools Notes are sent to teachers upon booking $20 Schools Tickets.


Beethoven & the 21st Century PowerPoint
Beethoven & the 21st Century PDF notes
Beethoven & The 21st Century Score
Cinemusica PowerPoint
Cimeusica PDF notes
Rodrigo, Beethoven VII PowerPoint
Rodrigo, Beethoven VII PDF notes
Beethoven, Mozart V PowerPoint
Beethoven, Mozart V PDF notes
Beethoven Finale PowerPoint notes
Beethoven Finale PDF notes
Sequenza Italiana Score
Sequenza Italiana PDF Notes
Sequenza Italiana Powerpoint Notes
Leonskaja Mozart Score
Leonskaja Mozart PDF Notes
Leonskaja Mozart Powerpoint Notes
Baroque Brilliance PDF Notes
Baroque Brilliance Powerpoint Notes
Beethoven Mendelssohn PDF Notes
Beethoven Mendelssohn Powerpoint Notes
The Four Seasons PDF Notes
The Four Seasons Powerpoint Notes

image: Ashley Jones