Schools & Community 

Over the years the ACO has established a strong reputation for its innovative National Education Program. We deliver programs at primary, secondary, tertiary and post-graduate levels.

We work with children and young people all over Australia, at every stage of their musical development, with the same commitment and energy we bring to the concert platform.

An integral part of our program is working with children in regional communities to provide them with the same access to inspirational learning experiences as their city counterparts. Our extensive regional touring program is complemented by deep educational experiences that are tailored to the needs of specific communities.

The ACO is committed to working with young people with disability and our ACO Move series in Sydney and Melbourne gives access to outstanding artistic experiences that explore movement in response to music.

Explore our website to find unparalleled opportunities to play alongside ACO musicians, our exciting global classroom combining Music and Visual Art, and extensive resources to complement your concert-going experience.