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2014 Schools Notes

Dawn Upshaw, Elgar & Grieg
Dawn Upshaw, Elgar & Grieg ACT | Dawn Upshaw, Elgar & Grieg NSW 
Dawn Upshaw, Elgar & Grieg QLD | Dawn Upshaw, Elgar & Grieg VIC
Dawn Upshaw, Elgar & Grieg WA
ACO2 WA Tour
ACO2 WA Tour
Haydn & Italian Cello
Haydn & Italian Cello ACT | Haydn & Italian Cello NSW
Haydn & Italian Cello QLD | Haydn & Italian Cello VIC
Haydn & Italian Cello WA | Haydn & Italian Cello SA


2013 Schools Notes

Tognetti's Mozart
Tognetti's Mozart ACT | Tognetti's Mozart NSW
Tognetti's Mozart SA | Tognetti's Mozart VIC
Tognetti's Mozart WA
Richard Tognetti presents ACO
R. Tognetti presents ACO2 ACT | R. Tognetti presents ACO2 NSW
R. Tognetti presents ACO2 SA | R. Tognetti presents ACO2 VIC
R. Tognetti presents ACO2 QLD

2012 Schools Notes

Chopin & Mendelssohn's Octet
Chopin & Mendelssohn's Octet ACT | Chopin & Mendelssohn's Octet NSW
Chopin & Mendelssohn's Octet QLD | Chopin & Mendelssohn's Octet SA
Chopin & Mendelssohn's Octet VIC | Chopin & Mendelssohn's Octet WA

image: Ashley Jones