Thinking about Forever

In 2010, the Parramatta String Players worked with leading artists to create the themes around their ideas about sustainability for this work for dance and orchestra by composer Matthew Hindson and choreographer Kay Armstrong, in collaboration with young dancers and musicians from Western Sydney. Six months of inspiring workshops and rehearsals culminated in a performance in September 2010 at Riverside Theatres by the ACO, youMove Dance Company with selected students from the Department of Education and Training, Western Sydney Region DANCE OFF! Camps and the Parramatta String Players. There were then two repeat performances for the 2012 Sydney Festival, in Parramatta and Penrith.

Teachers can contact the ACO to receive resources including a clip of the work for their students to create their own composition or choreography. These resources outline the creative process that went into Thinking about Forever, including exercises for students. You can then link this with discussions and projects around Sustainability and what it means to your students, just like the students involved in this performance did. Please email for further information.