Our Emerging Artists' Program trains the next generation of young Australian musicians to perform at the highest possible level. Our regional touring program takes us across Australia, bringing high quality string performances to regional venues, as well as providing string workshops and schools concerts to local students whilst on tour. Graduates of our Emerging Artists Program are employed in Australian and international orchestras, and within the ACO itself.


Explore past tours and events featuring ACO Collective and Emerging Artists from the ACO web archives.


2017 Emerging Artists

Kyla Matsuura-Miller Violin
Natalia Harvey Violin
Rollin Zhao Violin

Justin Julian Viola

Jack Ward Cello

John Keene Double Bass

2016 Emerging Artists

Benjamin Adler Violin
Nicholas Waters Violin
Riley Skevington Violin

Elizabeth Woolnough Viola
Nathan Greentree Viola

Alexandra Partridge Cello

Bonita Williams Double Bass

2015 Emerging Artists

Amy Brookman Violin
Harry Bennetts Violin
Madeleine Jevons Violin

Martin Alexander Viola

Ruben Palma Cello

Aurora Henrich Double Bass

2014 Emerging Artists

Zoe Freisberg Violin
Emily Sheppard Violin

Katie Yap Viola

Rebecca Proietto Cello

Hugh Kluger Double Bass

2013 Emerging Artists

Doretta Balkizas Violin
Anne-Marie Johnson Violin
Thibaud Pavlovic-Hobba Violin

Benjamin Caddy  Viola

Adam Szabo Cello

Josef Bisits Double Bass

2012 Emerging Artists

Glenn Christensen Violin
Liisa Pallandi Violin
Thibaud Pavlovic-Hobba Violin

William Clark Viola

Anna Pokorny Cello

Phoebe Russell Double Bass

2011 Emerging Artists

Daniel Kowalik Violin
Laclan O'Donnell Violin
Anna O'Hagan Violin

Thomas Chawner Viola

Tim Byrne Cello

Muhamed Mehmedbasic Double Bass

2010 Emerging Artists

Michael Brooks-Reid Violin
Monique Lapins Violin

Christopher Cartlidge Viola

Eleanor Betts Cello

Muhamed Mehmedbasic Double Bass

2009 Emerging Artists

Janet Anderson Violin
Peter Clark Violin
Holly Piccoli Violin

Neil Thompson Viola

Sharon Draper Cello

Benjamin Farrands Double Bass

2008 Emerging Artists

Madeline Boud Violin
Rebecca Chan Violin
Cameron Hill Violin

Stefanie Farrands Viola

Michael Dahlenburg Cello

Douglas Rutherford Double Bass

2007 Emerging Artists

Emily Dellit Violin
Rachael Homburg Violin
Emily Dupere (nee Thompson) Violin

Charlotte Burbrook de Vere Viola

Louise McKay Cello

Paul Zabrowarny Cello

Paul O'Brien Double Bass

2006 Emerging Artists

Marianne Broadfoot Violin
Victoria Jacono Violin
Jennen Ngiau-Keng Violin

Katherine Corecig (nee Potter) Viola

Eve Silver Cello

Peter McLean Double Bass

2005 Emerging Artists

Elizabeth Gormley Violin   
Christina Katsimbardis Violin

Merewyn Bramble Viola

Charlotte Roberts Cello

Stephen Newtown Double Bass