String Workshops & teacher professional development

An ACO String Workshop

Top string students from Victorian state schools work with ACO Inspire Quartet musicians in the lead up to the annual Victorian State Schools Spectacular. Students participate in an annual String Workshop to work on ensemble playing and performance techniques.

The best musicians from state schools across Victoria audition each year to be part of the State Schools Spectacular. This event features almost 3000 students performing to an audience of over 12,000. The State Schools Spectacular provides students with a unique opportunity to work with internationally renowned industry professionals such as the ACO, as well as the amazing experience of performing live in front of thousands of people.

ACO musicians will present a special String Workshop in Hobart in partnership with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and UTAS Conservatorium, and an Ensemble Skills Workshop with students from the Northern Territory Music School. 

Professional development resources based on rehearsal leadership and techniques, are provided for teachers to support he workshop.