The ACO Instrument Fund is a managed investment fund established for wholesale clients only.

JBWere is the Fund’s Australian Financial Services Licence holder.

The investment objective of the Instrument Fund is to achieve long term capital gains from investing in specified high quality stringed instruments to be loaned to the ACO for use by its players.

Investor satisfaction

As well as its financial potential, investment in a fine instrument represents a strong philanthropic commitment, in this case supporting the ongoing success of Australia’s most revered performing ensemble. In effect, the investor becomes a patron of the virtuosos to whom the instruments are loaned.

An investor also contributes to Australia’s cultural landscape, providing thousands with the opportunity to attend performances that could not be achieved with lesser instruments, and helping support the future of music in Australia.

For wholesale investors only

The Fund is only available to wholesale clients (as defined under the Corporations Act). The minimum investment required is $50,000. For further general information, see the ACO Instrument Fund brochure.

Information Memorandum
2011-12 Annual Report

For Further Information

To find out more about investing in the ACO Instrument Fund, please contact Alison Carter, Investor Relations Manager, on (02) 8274 3880 or


Instrument Information

About the Stradivarius violin owned by the ACO Instrument Fund.


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