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ACO violinist Ilya trialing a historic violin at London's fine instrument store J and A Beares

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The ACO Instrument Fund is a managed investment fund with assets in fine instruments that have the potential for long term capital gain. To date, the Fund has acquired three rare stringed instruments from the historical period known as the ‘Golden Age of stringed instruments’.

All instruments are loaned to the ACO to be used by its musicians, each of which has a vital part in contributing to the distinct sound and tone of our acclaimed Orchestra. Instruments are played on concert stages in Australia and internationally, and often included in ACO’s music education and regional touring programs.

The Fund is currently open to investments from wholesale investors who wish to participate in the Fund and its unique bank of assets.

NB - The ACO Instrument Fund is an unlisted Australian unit trust, available only to wholesale clients. Visit our Becoming an Investor page for more information.

2 violins and 1 cello owned by the ACO Instrument Fund

Instrument Fund Assets

A listing of the rare instruments currently owned by the ACO Instrument Fund.

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An image of the 2016 Instrument Fund annual report

Investors & Annual Reports

Links to the Fund’s Annual Reports and a list of current investors.

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ACO Violinist Maja play an Instrument Fund owned instrument

Becoming an Investor

How to become an investor in the ACO Instrument Fund, including the Information Memorandum, Client Prerequisites and returns to date.

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ACO Principal Cello Timo-Veikko Valve with Peter Weiss, an Australian philanthropist who has donated generously to the Instrument Fund

Personal Donations

Information on how to donate money our assets to support the development and ongoing operations of the ACO Instrument Fund.

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