Barefoot Fiddler - Australian Chamber Orchestra

Barefoot Fiddler

20 July - 3 August 2013


MOZART Adagio and Fugue
BACH Concerto for three violins, BWV1064 
GINASTERA Concerto for strings
MENDELSSOHN Concerto in D Minor


Patricia Kopatchinskaja Guest Director & Violin
Helena Rathbone Violin
Rebecca Chan Violin

A free spirit who approaches music with an unquenchable sense of fun and discovery, Patricia Kopatchinskaja is a joy to play with and watch.

Patricia performs Bach and Mendelssohn violin concertos and a haunting work by Argentinian composer Ginastera, featuring solos for five principal musicians.

Trust this enchanting violinist with your ears and she'll lead you a merry dance, bare feet and all.

In this concert ACO Principal Double Bass, Maxime Bibeau, officially unveils the latest addition to our outstanding array of instruments, a late-16th century Gasparo da Salò double bass.

Sydney Morning Herald

"[Patricia Kopatchinskaya] likes to seek out disconcerting shadows, whimsical digressions and demonic energy in the music and relishes the orchestra's engaged group dynamic."

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Canberra Times

“Kopatchinskaja's talent is formidable, her energy boundless, and she infuses the musicians around her with the power of musical possibilities. Like a lithe sapling on stage, she draws musical energy as a tree draws nutrients and translates this deep power through supple movement and expressive bowing into unforgettable shared experiences.

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The West Australian

“Here was an ACO performance as much from the heart as the mind, an offering informed by quite extraordinary insight and musical authority.”

The Age

"Kopatchinskaja took the ACO through a series of heated encounters"

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"[S]he tapped, bobbed her head, flung her hair and eventually stamped out the rhythm onto the stage floor" 

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The Australian

"[A] performance of glowing intensity"

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Australian Stage

"This was seriously spine-tingling...Chamber music really doesn't get any better." 

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Audience Feedback

"It always amazes me how, without a conductor, a few subtle nods and indications from the leader can hold this orchestra together with such precision. And Patricia Kopatchinskaja looked completely at home with the ACO, as if she'd been playing with them for years!"

Audience Feedback

“I loved the Barefoot Fiddler concert. The whole ensemble really got into the act. I loved seeing the chap on the double bass introducing his bass, and Mr Moore dancing around the stage. Thank you all for an exhilarating evening – I went home giggling and laughing (not a good look when you’re on your own) but I just had such a good night. Loved the encores – make sure you don’t leave before the show is over!”

Audience Feedback

“The best ACO concert I’ve ever been to – I’m going to book tickets to see it again. Rebecca Chan was amazing – and she’s a Doctor, too! Very impressive.”

Audience Feedback

"So fun – I’m going to go again, and take 2 friends with me.”

Audience Feedback

"[T]he closeness of the ensemble playing was a wonder both to hear and to see. Tighter than the Stones!"


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