Brahms Piano Quintet - Australian Chamber Orchestra

Brahms Piano Quintet

12 - 26 August 2013


BACH (arr. Tognetti) Canons on a Goldberg Ground, BWV1087
LIGETI Etudes: No.7, No.10, No.11 & No.13 
IVES Scherzo, "Holding your own!"
IVES Piano Sonata, No.2 “Concord”: The Alcotts 
BACH Keyboard Concerto in F minor, BWV1056
BRAHMS Piano Quintet


Richard Tognetti Director and Violin
Satu Vänskä Violin
Christopher Moore Viola
Timo-Veikko Valve Cello
Jeremy Denk Piano

Brahms' Piano Quintet, both powerful and tender, is one of the masterworks of 19th-century chamber music, almost symphonic in its breadth and depth.

Jeremy Denk is one of America’s most admired pianists, known for sharp, vibrant performances of programs that are anything but conventional. He is able to take some of the most complex music written and make it sing, bringing forth the universality and inherent beauty that we all love to find in music. He performs a much-loved Bach keyboard concerto and a series of quietly radical Ligeti etudes which require superhuman technique.

Denk describes Ives’ classic Concord Sonata as “one of the most profoundly nostalgic and tender projects in all of music." It is this American pianist's calling card, vividly portraying the idealism, strength, hope, and fierce individuality inherent in the American ethos.

The Australian

“Australian audiences have never seen Jeremy Denk before, and one can only wonder why…he is a formidably strong pianist who knows his way inside a piece of music with a penetration of vision that is extremely rare.” 

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The Age

“It was a meeting of kindred musical spirits when American pianist Jeremy Denk joined Richard Tognetti and the ACO principals for a program that was totally rewarding from the first delicately played notes of Bach's Goldberg Canons to the resounding final chords of Brahms' Piano Quintet.” 

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Arts Hub

“some of the best music heard in Sydney these past few months...astoundingly good.”

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Australian Stage

“this is the observable point at which each player really lets go, unbridling their personalities and fusing them with the music such that it suddenly leaps off the page and into the ether. And it's the distinguishing characteristic of this orchestra; one that sets it apart from, above and beyond most.”  

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Audience Feedback

“Completely exhilarating, brilliant playing, a really exciting repertoire - some things I'd never heard before, some things I've heard before but played in a different and thrilling way. The ACO is always amazing, but Wednesday's concert reconfirmed yet again exactly why I'm a subscriber. Thank you so much - we're incredibly lucky to have regular access to the ACO. I've spoken to heaps of people since, and we all feel exactly the same way. ”

Audience Feedback

"Last night we heard the Brahms Piano Quintet in Perth. This was the most stunning performance of this piece I have ever heard, bringing out the full, gutterally passionate quality of the music." 


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