Hush 18 Launch - Australian Chamber Orchestra

Hush 18 Launch

16 - 17 September 2018


Helena Rathbone Guest Director
ACO Collective

To mark the release of Hush 18, our collaborative release with renowned charity The Hush Foundation, ACO Collective will be celebrating with two launch concerts in Sydney and Melbourne.  

Inspired by time spent with young people suffering from chronic illness and mental health challenges, Hush 18 is a collection of music intended to reduce the stress and anxiety of patients, families and staff in hospitals.

The release and concert showcases the works of 12 of the finest established and emerging Australian composers, including Matthew Hindson, Katia Beaugeais, Paul Stanhope and Stuart Greenbaum. ACO Principal Violin Helena Rathbone, who founded ACO Collective 11 years ago, will join the orchestra once more in a Guest Director position.

Tickets for both performances are available directly from the venues:

City Recital Hall – 2:30pm Sunday 16 September

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Melbourne Recital Centre – 7pm Monday 17 September

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