Mozart Clarinet Concerto - Australian Chamber Orchestra

Mozart Clarinet Concerto

14 - 24 November 2013


DENISOV Paganini Caprice No.9
G FRÖST DTangled (Australian Premiere)
MOZART Symphony No.21 in A, K.134
BROADSTOCK Never Truly Lost (World Premiere)*
MOZART Clarinet Concerto in A, K.622


Satu Vänskä Lead Violin
Martin Fröst Clarinet

Martin Fröst's recent concerts with us were a sensation. He is probably the greatest clarinettist in the world, but more than that, he's a marvellous communicator and fantastic to watch. Astonishingly, he can dance while he plays, and his brother's new work has him performing as a marionette!

Martin Fröst's recording of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto was named the best in a blind test by specialist magazine Clasica-Répertoire and his performance has been watched more than half a million times on YouTube – testament to the popularity of both musician and work. ABC Classic FM listeners voted the Mozart one of their top ten favourite concertos and many remember it from the film Out of Africa.

Satu Vänskä leads music from her homeland Finland and plays Paganini-inspired music on the ACO's Stradivarius violin.

*Brenton Broadstock's Never Truly Lost has been commissioned by Rob and Nancy Pallin for Rob's 70th birthday, in memory of Rob's father, Paddy Pallin.

Limelight Magazine

"It’s not every woodwind player who can hold an audience spellbound through a five-minute comedic monologue before tap-dancing his way through a tricky bit of contemporary music. But then not everyone is Martin Fröst, possibly the world’s leading clarinet virtuoso and something of an all-rounder."

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Sydney Morning Herald

"Perhaps most impressive was the security of his incredible dynamic range used so effectively in the reprise of the famous Adagio melody."

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"As he swayed, kicked his feet and moved his clarinet we could see that this enhanced conducting might have something to recommend it. We were, in short, charmed."

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The Age

“…Frost’s interpretation of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto infused the music with his vitality.”

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Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung

"Swedish clarinettist Martin Fröst appears like a snake charmer or faun from mythical times: slender, agile, like a dancer, and blessed with a stupendous technique, he makes Mozart’s well-known clarinet concerto a great experience.”

Sunday Telegraph

“A very physical player, this Swedish virtuoso treats his instrument as almost an extension of his body…Commanding a rare range of tonal colour, Frost was melting, nimble and witty…”

Limelight Magazine

“Martin Fröst's got moves; he should be crowned Scandinavia’s Lord of the Dance…He is a naturally gestural player who launches himself into this music body and soul, striking angular poses and voguing - yes, voguing - with clarinet in hand. A commanding sweep of his instrument was all it took to unleash cascades of massed string dissonance from the ACO.  All this without compromising his astonishing control of relentless melodic lines (sustained with circular breathing), his refined, characterful tone and the mastery of a range of extended techniques at times giving the impression of a second soloist shadowing his every note.”

The Times

"Until you've heard Martin Fröst, you really haven't heard the clarinet."

The Times

“His virtuosity lies in his exceptional dexterity and agility…and in his daring control of the instrument’s dynamic and expressive extremes.”

Audience Feedback

"Loved every moment. Thank you so much!"

"...Well if that wasn't the finest concert I have seen of the ACO's in a long time, if not ever, then I am not a boring lawyer. Just fantastic! Martin Frost - that clarinet simply spoke. Satu was in great lead form and was supported by an exceptionally tight orchestra, something out of this world. Thanks so much for a superb evening."

"Great ACO concert. Dancing virtuosic clarinettist sure, but for me 'never truly lost' was [the] highlight."

"Thanks for another cracking Melbourne series. Every concert delighted. Please record Broadstock. Exquisite! Love to hear it again!"

"I thought I heard a voice singing in the Brenton Broadstock composition on Monday night at Hamer Hall. But what I heard was Satu with her Stradivarius never truly lost as solo in 'Never Truly Lost'."

"Absolutely loved Friday's concert featuring the brilliant star Martin Fröst. Mozart's Concerto was very moving and the Brahms Hungarian sent a thrill and excitement racing through the audience. Satu's introduction adds a nice touch and brings the audience closer."


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