ACO at Pier 2/3 - Australian Chamber Orchestra

ACO at Pier 2/3

2 - 10 November 2013


Sat 2 Nov 6pm - Classic Quartets

HAYDN String Quartet in D minor, Op.76, No.2 "Fifths"
SHOSTAKOVICH String Quartet No.9 in E flat, Op.117

Satu Vänskä Violin
Veronique Serret Violin
Christopher Moore Viola
Timo-Veikko Valve Cello

Sun 3 Nov 6pm - Spanish & Italian Cello
BOCCHERINI String Quintet in C minor, Op.45, No.1
FIRPO (arr. Karttunen) El Amanecer
VIRTA (arr. Karttunen) You Won't See Me Cry
FEDERICO (arr. Karttunen) Al Compás Del Corazón
MONONEN (arr. Karttunen) Sateen Tango
GARDEL (arr.Karttunen/Ortiz) Volver
BOCCHERINI String Quintet in D major (after Guitar Quintet, G.448)

Rebecca Chan Violin
Aiko Goto Violin
Alexandru-Mihai Bota Viola
Timo-Veikko Valve Cello
Melissa Barnard Cello
Julian Thompson Cello

Sun 10 Nov 6pm - "Wagner as Chamber Music?"

DOWLAND Lachrimae Antiquae
WAGNER (arr. Gürtler) Prelude to Tristan and Isolde
BACH Musical Offering: Ricercar á 6, BWV1079
STRAUSS (arr. Leopold) Metamorphosen

Ilya Isakovich Violin
Rebecca Chan Violin
Christopher Moore Viola
Alexandru-Mihai Bota Viola
Timo-Veikko Valve Cello
Julian Thompson Cello
Maxime Bibeau Double Bass

Getting to Pier 2/3

Tickets are $45, general admission, and drinks are included in the price of your ticket. Concerts are approximately one hour long, with a short break for you to top up your drink.

From Timo-Veikko Valve

Curator of the Pier2/3 concert series

All of the members of the ACO share one passion (at least) and that is chamber music. We can’t get enough of it. So, last year we created a place where we can come together with a few people who would like to hear us play. In 2013 we present three concerts:

Classic Quartets, Sat 2 Nov 6pm
As a quartet, we explore two master composers that bookend the development of the ‘classic’ string quartet; the ever surprising and expressive Haydn and the horrors of cinematic Shostakovich.
American composer, musician and lead guitarist of the indie rock band The National, Bryce Dessner is a rock star turned formidable composer. He follows in the footsteps of Steve Reich in his furious piece for string quartet, Aheym


Spanish & Italian CelloSun 3 Nov 6pm
ACO regulars may have noticed that cellist Melissa Barnard has been away for a good year or so on maternity leave. We are happy to have her back for this program, which celebrates the now-complete ACO cello section.
Boccherini (a master cellist himself) wrote for the cello like nobody had before. A long time before Schubert, he envisioned the cello quintet formation that produces such a rich palette of colours. He went on to compose 125 quintets for this particular line up of instruments! Born in Lucca, Italy, Boccherini was influenced by Spanish rhythms and dance (spending most of his life in Madrid). In this program we will also showcase a selection of South American and Finnish tangos and milongas arranged for three cellos.


"Wagner as Chamber Music?", Sun 10 Nov 6pm
What is Wagner doing in a chamber music program? The original instrumentation for Strauss' Metamorphosen for string septet 
(as realised by Rudolf Leopold) has opened new doors for our imagination. What will Wagner sound like in a more intimate setting? To celebrate his anniversary this year we will try to find out for you.


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News Local

"One came away with the feeling that this is what chamber music should be - intimate, full of fun and the sounds of life going on around you rather than the staid constriction of sitting in the concert hall."

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"...a top-notch performance..."

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Audience Feedback

"A beautiful space, great atmosphere and some of the best music-making I've come across.  The ACO is always brilliant...if you came across something like this overseas, you'd reckon it was worth the cost of the flight." - Leta K

"I'm going to just come out and say it. Australian Chamber Orchestra, I am in love with you.  Tonight was just overwhelming...the detail, the control, the energy, the passion...the collaboration with Bell Shakespeare definitely worked: it really added something special to the performance." - Ben F

"The concert was one of the most magical performances I have seen. The setting was divine and the music was absolutely heavenly. The arrangement of  Wagner was nothing short of magical. A heartfelt thank you for the performance." - Audience Member