The Reef22 February - 4 March 2013



TOGNETTI (real. Grandage) Heart of the Black Beast
TOGNETTI (orch. Grandage/Tognetti) Bathymetry
RAMEAU Les Boréades: Entr’acte, Suite des Vents 
LIGETI Ramifications 
CRUMB Black Angel: Night of the Electric Insects
BACH (arr. Tognetti) Sonata No 1, BWV1001: Fugue in G minor
PIGRAM (arr. Grandage) Being
A PIGRAM / S PIGRAM / WASILIEV (arr. Grandage) Mimi
KILAR Orawa 
ALICE IN CHAINS (arr. Tognetti) Them Bones
CRUMB Black Angels: God- Music 
DEAN Electric Preludes: Peripeteia 
SHOSTAKOVICH (arr. Barshai) Chamber Symphony, Op 110a: Allegro molto 
SEEGER (arr. Tognetti) Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
BEETHOVEN String Quartet in B flat Major, Op 130: Cavatina 

Arrangements by Tognetti and Grandage

Footage by Mick Sowry and Jon Frank projected onto a big screen on stage.
Concept by Richard Tognetti.


Richard Tognetti Director & Violin 
Mick Sowry Director & Producer
Jon Frank Director of Photography
Derek Hynd Director of Surfing
Mark Atkins Didgeridoo
Stephen Pigram Voice & Guitar
Satu Vänskä Violin & Voice
Julian Thompson Cello
Craig Johnston Voice
Brian Ritchie Acoustic Bass Guitar

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In May 2012, Richard Tognetti took a crew of surfers, musicians and film makers to Ningaloo Reef, where the desert meets the sea. They spent two unforgettable weeks surfing, making music and filming and the result is The Reef.

Immerse yourself in Jon Frank's images of the ocean, the world's best fin-free surfers, the arid desert landscape and the starry sky, as an incredible array of music swirls around you. It alters your perception of a classical music concert through the prism of a transcendental surf film. You'll never forget it.
Read notes from Richard Tognetti, Jon Frank, Iain Grandage, Mick Sowry and Derek Hynd in the program for the 2012 performances of The Reef
Read The Reef program

Download PDF program for The ReefDownload the program (PDF) or view online


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"This project continues Tognetti’s evolving interest in combining film and music offering “the possibility of hearing more in images and seeing further..."

The Age, Melbourne